Fieseler 156 Storch
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The first-aid locker is located on the right rear fuse.....
I will use this to locate my switch and charge jack.


The rear seat passenger is Major General Wilhelm Keitel .....



In real life this guy was Hitler's head of the High Command of the Armed Forces in Germany. He was one of  the most senior military leaders. At the allied court at Nuremburg he  was tried, sentenced to death and   hanged as a major war criminal.


The slats on the underside of the elevator are to prevent the elevator from stalling under high alpha conditions.....made of balsa and coated with glasscloth and water based urethane.


Here is the MG15 with a spare drum magazine, it has been mounted in the plastic bubble. The machine gun is very accurately made and the bolt is actually operable.  The extra mag. will be mounted in the rear cockpit.


The Luftwaffe pilot was transferred into active duty today.....He will take orders from Field Marshall Keitel. He has a real leather and fleece jacket, a Walther P-38 in 9mm. and high-top leather boots.

Now for the wing slats.....This airplane has leading-edge slats along the front edge of the wing. I will make them by laminating sheets of  3/32" balsa about 3"wide directly onto the wing which is the correct shape for the slats. The inside of the slats are the same shape as the wing leading edge. A sheet of poly over the wing will protect it from the wet wood and glue. The strips are soaked in "Windex" to soften the wood and it is then easily formed around the front edge of  the wing. I used 1/4"elastic tape from a dressmaking shop to hold the laminations in place while they dry overnight. With the glue-lam sanded to shape it is covered with a layer of  3/4 oz. glasscloth and water-based urethane, this hardens the surface and prepares it for the painting, rivets and panel lines which have now been added. The slats are mounted on fixed carbon standoffs.

   January 2009......

The elevator halves have now been completed.....rivets, panel lines and rib stitching has all been added. The rivets are glue drops, the stitching tapes are from Ken Kosmenko at Scale Rib-stitch in Osoyoos B.C. The scale pinked tapes that go over top of the stitching are from Gary Sibert at "" The paint is from Warbird Colors. The colors are an exact match to the original German RLM colors.



The logos are spray painted with acrylic paints.......They will look much better than stick-on decals. The first step is to draw the shapes with pencil onto low-tack vinyl paint mask material. I got the exact proportions from German archives. The markings are laid out on top of  a piece of glass and are carefully cut out with a knife  The masks are placed in the correct location on the airplane and painted. The exact size and placement location must be calculated from three-views and photos.                                                      The edges of the color are very clean and sharp.



Here is the keel lacing.....the fullsize had the underside  fabric cut and laced for easy access to the underside mechanics. I used about 200 small brass brads and laced them with a suitable brown thread that looks like hemp.



To be continued.......


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