Fieseler 156 Storch
build log
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February 2009.....

Here is the engine oil cooler that goes under the cowl.....made from bits & pieces from the shop......a piece of aluminum tubing and some plastic turned on the lathe. It looks close enough to the real cooler.







The engine has not been selected yet so the cowl is still incomplete. The landing gear shrouds need to be installed and the call letters have yet to be added but the fuselage is definitely shaping up. I am basing my color scheme on the Grunherz (Green Hearts) of the Jagdgeschwader 54 (JG 54) squadron, one of Germany’s premier fighter units. They flew ME 109s at that time and the Storch was assigned as a support aircraft. It carried the green heart logo and the shield of Nuremberg

Here the fuse graphics have been completed.....all of the graphics with the exception of the small logos are machine cut on paint mask and sprayed with latex.


Now for the wing.....this is the most complex wing that I have seen. The leading edge slats are in place, the flaps and ailerons are installed and working, the struts are fixed for correct dihedral, the landing light switching is working and the fuel tank covers are finished. Rib stitching is done and the four servo doors are in place. The two little visual fuel gauges stick out under the wing and can be seen by the pilot from the cockpit. At this point I have started to paint the wing components.

                                       Here is the completed and painted wing, top and bottom......



The landing gear shrouds are from fibreglass blanks made by Ben Hawkins in the UK. The shrouds hide the spring-loaded oleos. The electric brake lines will run up the inside of the strut covers. Scale rivets and Dzus fasteners have been added to the covers. Streamline alum. tubing covers the wire cross-braces.

April 20th. 2009.....                     

The power supply arrived from the UK today after a lot of mis-communication with the supplier. It's a Laser 200 V twin. It is the only engine that would easily fit under the very narrow cowl.....I would have preferred one of the big Saitos but they are all much too tall and would have stuck out which of course is unacceptable. he engine will be mounted inverted and I may install a double spark ignition system on it. Here it is shown on a temporary stand ready to test-run.