Focke-Wulf  FW44 "Stieglitz"

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February 17 2010.....  I received the 1/4 scale plans (by Frisk) from Germany and had them reduced to 1/6 scale for my project. I'm not sure yet if it will be electric or glow engine.....Electric will be cheaper, cleaner and less fuss to prepare for flight but the sound of the four-stroke!!  I think it will be a Saito 50 up front. The plans as drawn do not allow for the usual building procedures so I had to build a temporary jig to handle the fuse formers (every second one).... here's what it looks like.....

Here all the formers are added as well as the stringers

March 17 2010.....

The wings and tailfeathers are now completed and mounted.....I am still using the jig to keep the wing alignment and incidence correct. Everything can be measured and squared from the bench top.



The covering will be white Solartex and I have found the nicest silver paint that I have ever's "One-Shot" enamel. Normally I wouldn't use enamel because of the weight that it adds, however this stuff completely covers in a single coat so the weight of the paint will be minimal. The swastika is a waterslide decal and will go on the rudder. The fuel gauge is only an inch tall and is on the forward deck of the fuse.

Here's the start of the dummy engine.....the plastic kit is from Williams Bros. I needed to cast an engine block upon which the seven dummy cylinders will be mounted. I started with a foam plug, made a plaster mould of it and laid up fibreglass cloth inside the plaster mould.


Here the engine is will cover up the Saito nicely. The "poor man's laminated prop is just a painted wood Zinger but will look good at 8000rpm.


A new Saito 62 will be hidden under the dummy engine and cowl. The wheels are Williams balloon style.



Most of the covering is on now and the masking and painting done.



Again I'm using the little Turnegy thin wing servo throughout.....they are light, strong enough, all-metal gears, ball bearings, waterproof and CHEAP!! .....In the wings, they are mounted on the back of the doors.


September 2010 roll-out day...




more to come.....