Pilatus Turbo Porter

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 The Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter is a single-engine short-take-off and landing (STOL) utility aircraft designed by Pilatus Aircraft in Switzerland. First flown in 1959, the PC6 has been built in both piston and turbo-prop versions. This aircraft can take off within a distance of 240 feet and can land in an even shorter distance while carrying a heavy payload. Thanks for its STOL performance the PC-6 holds the world's record for the highest landing by a fixed-wing aircraft at 18,865 feet at the Dhaulagiri glacier in Nepal.

February 2014.....

 This model will be built at 1/7 scale (90" wingspan)  and of very light construction in order to preserve its excellent STOL qualities. It will be electric powered and should sound appropriate for a turboprop airplane. The first challenge was to find an accurate plan to build from at that scale which proved to be impossible. I eventually purchased an excellent CAD drawn plan from Mr. Aerodesign in Quebec..... It is very accurate but too large and,  in my opinion, built too heavy. I reduced and simplified the construction using his design as a guide. I will build from the resulting drawings. I will model the Swiss army version "Patrouille Suisse" with red and white plumage.

Follow along with me.....

Here are a dozen offset hinges for

the ailerons and flaps, cut from

1/16" birch ply.

     The wing is of standard construction.....nothing new here.      






                                   .....definitely starting to look like a Porter!!




The little round bubble windows were made by heating a sheet of PETG plastic with a heat gun and pressing it over a balsa mould, they will go into the cabin area after covering.


         Landing gear and oleo struts are roughed out and ready to install.




     Here the cowl is started.....A foam plug was first carved, covered with epoxy and sanded smooth. The plug is set into a wood box, waxed and coated with PVA and laid up with four layers of fiberglass. This will form a two-piece female mould.


    Here is the finished cowl and the red vacume-formed covers for the landing gear hinges.





Covering and finishing has started......Here are the tailfeathers with three coats of latex sprayed on and some waterslide decals applied. A coat of nelson's flat clearcoat seals everything in.  The decals, including the corrugations on the elevator are waterslide and made on my computer.



Here is the motor installation....we will try an E-Flight 60 for starters with a four-cell 5000 battery


Here the first coats of paint are going on the fuse and wings.


August 2014.....completed