Consolidated PBY Catalina
                          build log

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January 2015.....

            .....Definitely beginning to look look a Canso!!


The forward cabin is detachable to provide access to the main battery pack. The nose piece is blue foam with a couple of layers of glasscloth over it.

In order to keep weight down I have decided not to use retrctable gear, instead I have mounted dummy wheels. They were cast from a mould taken off an old dubro wheel. No nose wheel either. The gun blisters are vacume formed over a balsa plug.

Here the covering is completed, the painting is started and the decals are going on.....The covering is Solartex white. The bottom surface of the hull has been fibreglassed to stop wear and tear from coming ashore. The paint is latex (as usual) and is clearcoated with Nelson's flat clearcoat. The decals are made on my computer....printed on waterslide decal paper.


To make the gun blisters I turned a balsa teardrop shape on the lathe, cut it in half and used it as a plug to vacume form the blisters. They are screwed in place and can be removed. The engine cowlings look fine all painted up, the little air scoops were cast in a rubber mould from a balsa plug.

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