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Nov 2016.....

Just finished my second Martin Mars…..the last one was built in 2009 and sold before I flew it…..that was a big mistake. In the air this model is probably the most attractive model that I have built…..Something about the Mars that everyone identifies with…..It is a very well known airplane around these parts and is gorgeous in the air, especially its very slow realistic flight. I just had to have another!!

 The last one took about seven months to complete…..this one only three months. The construction is basically the same as the last one so I’m not showing it again here, just some photos. This one is the Hawaii Mars with the red tail and the most recent paint job. It was recently repainted for it’s trip to the 2016 Oshkosh Airshow in the USA. This one is a little heavier at just under 9lbs. AUW but it is also a little stronger and will be more durable than the last one. It is powered by four Turnegy 2217 16 turn 1050kv. motors. Battery is a single 5000mah 3-cell lipo. The speed controllers are 30amp. The props are Master airscrew 10X5 three-blade turning at ---RPM.  I am getting 265 watts each motor for a total of 1060w.

           What a lovely bird!!!


more to come


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