A Gotha GIV Bomber




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The giant Gotha G. IV was a heavy bomber used by the Luftstreitkräfte (Imperial German Air Service) during World War I. Designed for long range service, the G V series was used principally as night bombers.

 January 2013

 This model will be about 1/8 scale and have a 100" wingspan. It will be a group build involving myself, Bob Stovel and Don Beatch. At this point in time Bob has completed most of the airframe.....I will finish it off and Don will be the VP Electronics.....here is the color scheme that we like.....







Here is the work done over the past couple of years by Bob.....framing is quite complete and covering with super coverite fabric is under way. Two Turnegy C5045-500 outrunners have been installed and we expect to be using two 5000mah five-cell lipos located in the engine nacells.





Enough wings here to fly two airplanes.....At this point the wings are painted and the fuse covered and ready for paint. Patterns for the decals are being sized. Rudder and elevator servos are installed.




Lots of black crosses and enough wheels for two airplanes.




Here the fuselage is covered and painted with latex. The lettering is painted too. Masking for the lettering is machine-cut on vinyl paint-mask material and spray-painted with my airbrush.






Here it is in a wing jig to string up the flying wires.....I need a bigger shop!!



  Motors:        2 X  Turnegy 5045-500
  Batteries:     2 X 5000mah 6 cell or 5000mah 5 cell
  Props:          2X  APC 10 X 15 or 10 X 14


 With 10 X 15 props, 6 cells          915W     47A     7500RPM

                                  5 cells          650W     38A     6800RPM

  With 10 X 14 props, 6  cell           800W     40A     8200RPM

                                   5 cell            560W     32A     7000RPM


June 25 2014

The Gotha had it's maiden flight today.....the first try was a near-disaster due to lack of aileron control and poor balance. The second flight was much improved after making adjustments to the weight distribution and mixing lots of rudder with aileron. The third flight was very acceptable after settling on the 10 X 15props and the five-cell batteries. All up weight is 16.5 lbs. and there is lots of power. Just need to add a little more nose weight and it will definitely be a keeper!!