The China Clipper



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May 2016.....

This will be a BIG model.....The Martin M-130 "China Clipper"......

It will be built from 1/16 scale plans by Jack Lynn Bale., I had them printed to 120" wingspan. I expect to power it with four electric outrunners......follow along with me. 


The fourteen bulkheads are cut out of 1/8" light-ply and mounted on a large building jig....this to keep everything straight until the sheeting is on. I have found the drawings to be terrible.....lots of mistakes and things do not fit like they should. It can of course be overcome with lots of patience  but it will definitely slow things down. This thing is already gobbling up my wood supply big time!!  

Here the fuselage is out of the jig and the sheeting has been started. The fuse will be about seven feet long.
The canopy and rear deck fairing are carved from pink foam.....The rear deck part will be fibreglassed  and sanded smooth before covering with fabric. It is part of a removable access hatch.  
The foam plug was used to vacume-form the  transparent canopy from sheet PETG (plastic). the vacume-formed canopy was then masked,  painted and clear-coated.

The China Clipper had two stabilizing sponsons at the sides of the fuselage under the wing instead of wingtip floats. The sponsons also provided a little lift and a platform  for passengers to enter the aircraft. I am making these from balsa construction and pink foam.....they will be fibreglassed top and bottom.


The center wing section along with the four engine nacells  is taking shape..... again, the wing plans are a disaster and much has to be left to the builder. The nacells are made from pink foam and balsa. They are covered with fibreglass. The front part upon which the engines will be mounted  slides into the wing on two balsa sticks. The engine cowlings are made of fibreglass and fit over the front of the nacells.


The motors are Turnegy D3536-910Kv. and turning 11" X 8" three-blade props. The 40amp speed controllers are mounted on top of the motors and will be well cooled under the cowlings.

The painting has started, here the wings are finished with the base coats of latex on and are awaiting clearcoating. I am using outdoor water-base urethane for the clear. The covering material is Solartex white.


AUGUST 2016.....

Here is the finished product after three months.....A little heavier than I would like at 15lbs but there is lots of wing and I think it will fly great.